Blowers & Centrifugal Fans
Axial Flow Fans
Blowers & Fans For Locomotives
Tailor Made Fans For OEM's
Air Washers
Air Filters
Dry Dust Collectors
Wet Precipitator / Wet Dust Collector
Wet Cyclones
Spray Painting Booths
Fume Scrubbers
Man Coolers
Roof Extractors / Roof Exhausters
Specially Designed Hoods
Complete Systems On Turnkey Basis
Kitchen Exhaust Systems
  • For Ventilation Systems, Dust Collection Systems, Fume Exhaust Systems, Ovens, Furnaces, Boilers, Pneumatic Conveying Jobs And So On.
  • Capacity: upto 250000 m³/hr, Pressure up to 1000mm W.G., Power up to 500KW.
  • Construction: Light   /  Medium  /  Heavy Duty  /  Extra Heavy Duty.
  • Type: SISW, DIDW, MW, Paddle Wheel, Forward Curved, Backward Curved, High Pressure Blowers, High Temperature Fans.
  • Material of Construction: M.S., Aluminum, S.S., FRP, PVC, HDPE, etc. Also With Different Anti-Corrosive Linings.
  • Drive: Direct/Extended Shaft With Flexible Coupling/ V-Belt Drive, High Efficiency Flat Belt Drive Etc.
  • Mounting: 14 different positions for Direction of Rotation and Discharge (outlet).
  • We also manufacture High Volume, High Pressure Fans.
  • All the fans are driven by totally enclosed, fan cooled, squirrel cage induction motors, suitable for 415V, 50 c/s, 3 phase or 230V, 50 c/s, 1 phase A.C. supply with F Class insulation of reputed makes. EFF II / EFF I.
  • All Fans are Statically and Dynamically Balanced.
  • All fans are Available in Standard and Flame proof construction.
  • Also available with H Class Motors.
  • Available with different OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES like: Coned Inlets, Bell Mouth Inlets, Wire Guards, Rain Cowls, Automatic Loover Shutters, Dampers (Inlet & Outlet), Variable Inlet Vanes, Matching Flanges, Anti-Vibration Mountings, PVC Coted Polyester Flexible Connections, Belt Guards, Packing Glands, Heat Slingers, Clean Out Doors, Drain Plugs Etc.

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